Mother and child services solutions facilitates the anm (auxiliary nurse and midwife) to capture around 200 key indicators while providing the primary health services for maternal and child health, family planning, nutrition and immunization programmes in the community with proven results in effective monitoring and timely notifications, data accuracy, reduced mortality rate and better coordination among stakeholders.

An ANM (Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife) caters to a population of 3000-5000 , which spreads around more than one village, and on an average, carry 12-15 separate registers to record key data indicators to provide information to her supervisors while on the go.

Mother and Child Healthcare Solution

Taking into account the issues faced by ANMs and to improve the overall standards of child and maternal health service provision in India and related data collection, Dhanush has designed and developed an Android Tablet based Mobile Application that t empowers the ANMs to deliver quality Maternal, New-born and Child health services equitably and also strengthen system for real time collection of information on Maternal and Child health using mobile tablets.

The solution covers the life cycle of Mother-Child care starting from Eligible couple, maternal phase for ante natal care and post-natal care for women, new born and child health for the newly born.

  • The Application allows ANMs to enter and update the service records of beneficiaries on real time basis, which ensures prompt entry and updating of data.
  • It is a completely digitalized process, the high quality of the data and accountability is maintained.
  • The Application complements as well the ANMs' tasks as counsellors, by providing them with readily available information about new-borns, pregnant women and mothers in their area.
  • It facilitates in identification, close monitoring of and tracking of high risk pregnancies and children with low birth weight.
Benefits of Mother and Child Healthcare Solution
  • Improve the transparency, responsibility and decision making in officials
  • Effective national level planning based on the data collection of key indicators
  • Reduce the burden on ANMs from carrying 12-15 paper registers for data collection
  • Mother and Child Healthcare Solution connects to the central portal to save and retrieve the information of the beneficiaries such as visits and schedules for child/infant immunization
  • Improve the data accuracy by eliminating the manual updation of data into registers which carries risks of mandatory data not being entered, Data Getting corrupted and Latency in entry.
  • Recently we have also incorporated the Mother and Child Tracking of due services for a beneficiary through implementation of QR code scan that is present in the Mother and Child Protection Card
  • Similarly QR codes scan is also available for - for PCV vaccines which has resulted in better monitoring of inventory, reducing pilferage and tracking of AEFI cases if any

The Mother and Child Protection Card that is being Developed Jointly by MWCD, MHFW, with support from UNICEF & NIPPCD is now adopted by NRHM/RCH State which is a tool for families to learn understand and follow positive practices for achieving good health of pregnant women, young mothers and children.


Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the Electronic Health Record, Tele Consultation, Integration with Drug Vending Machine, NCD Screening and Outreach camps

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the


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