Defects at birth, deficiencies, diseases specific to childhood and developmental delays including disabilities, "4ds", can either lead to untimely death of a child or a survival with poor developmental outcomes. Dhanush has provided screening solutions that has covered around children so far facilitating timely treatment and intervention through deic or publc health care facilities.

Extending preventive and primitive health as an approach for selected health conditions along with provision of free curative management, will help the marginalized and underprivileged population by reducing their out of pocket expenditure thereby influencing public health expenditure.

The services under child health screening are to cover selected health conditions through their screening, early detection & free management, for children from birth to 18 years of age.

Service Offerings
  • Facilitation of head to toe screening services to the children
  • Deployment of required resource for screening with Medical Officers, Staff Nurse/ ANM
  • Capturing and Maintenance of Electronic Medical Records of every patient / Beneficiary
  • Fleet Monitoring through GPS based tracking and provision of online tracking of vehicles along with GPS devise
  • Creation of Geo fencing to ensure Vehicles are effectively tracked
  • Maintain the database of electronic medical records of the children 0- 18 years. Online updation of child records and diagnostic reports through Tablet PC
  • Dynamic Dashboard for Real time monitoring of services provided this is being displayed online on real time basis (Dashboard) on the website
Features of the solution
  • School Management - Captures all schools and colleges in a given district for user to select the school for plans, route maps and for schedule planning. New schools can be easily added and existing school's data can be modified at any given time
  • Child/Student Management - All Child/student data pertaining to a particular school will be captured including demographics, vital signs, any past medical history, surgeries or referrals
  • Schedule Management - Solution provides real-time plotting of Schools on the Map that helps the Micro Plan planning officials to effectively plan the routes and target all schools
  • Screening Management - Screening data related to every student can be captured with click of few check boxes without having to fill in cumbersome forms and records. The easy to use 'User Interface' helps the users to screen more number of students in a day/month/year.
  • Referral Management - Students needing Medical/Healthcare Attention can be referred to Government Hospitals, CHCs or PHC depending on the severity of the condition directly through the screening interface. Various check-points shall be implemented in the referrals that will helps the officials Track and Monitor the status of the referral at any given time
  • Disease management - Captures all diseases which for which students are being screened. Diseases can be tagged to a particular Age Group or State/District based on the conditions.
  • Fleet Management - Managing of Mobile Health Vehicles and tracking of the vehicles which carries the mobile health teams to the schools as per the defined micro plan.
  • Geo Fencing - Geo tagging of vehicles to the locations where the mobile health teams needs to be visiting as per the defined micro plan. Alerts to the officials would be generated in case of any course deviation
  • Bio-metric Attendance - Biometric devices shall be provided along with the vehicles to capture the attendance of Team members and their attendance information in customized reports format to the end users
  • Reports, Analytics & Dashboards - Centralized data based provides real-time Reports, Analytics & Dashboards anytime, anywhere that aids the Officials to Track and Monitor the Program.

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the Electronic Health Record, Tele Consultation, Integration with Drug Vending Machine, NCD Screening and Outreach camps

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the


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