Envisoning upon universal health coverage being promoted by government of india, dhanush health and wellness centre solutions are being packaged for with expanded services and outreach activities at remote e subcentres which are lowest rung of the three tier setup located closer to public dwellings in tribal, rural and semi urban locales.
Challenges faced by the existing SubCentres
  • Non availability of Medical specialists and lack of supervision of Para medics & Support staff
  • Non availability of diagnostics based medical consultation
  • Non-availability of Medical Information system (EMR/PHR) for capturing patient data
  • Deficiencies in supplies, inadequate training to the providers not matching the expectations for service delivery.
  • No scientific Reporting and Monitoring system for measuring and improving the service delivery quality
  • Access to the Doctor Consultation is being another major challenge for delivering the healthcare services.
  • Inadequate-integration with nutrition, rural development and poverty alleviation efforts
  • Poor Management of Human Resources
ESubcenter/Health & Wellness Solution

eSubcenter is an innovative concept for addressing the challenges at Subcenters in Rural and Tribal areas. This approach in intended to proactively deliver preventive, screening and curative medical services to address issues related to Seasonal diseases Epidemic diseases, Mother and child related health issues, Elder care and NCDs, population enumeration and registrationof families in the catchment area.

Expanded range of services
  • Care in pregnancy and child-birth.
  • Neonatal and infant health care services
  • Childhood and adolescent health care services.
  • Family planning, Contraceptive services and other Reproductive Health Care services
  • Management of Communicable diseases including National Health Programmes
  • Management of Common Communicable Diseases and Outpatient care for acute simple illnesses and minor ailments.
  • Screening, Prevention, Control and Management of Non-Communicable diseases
  • Care for Common Ophthalmic and ENT problems
  • Basic Oral health care
  • Elderly and Palliative health care services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Screening and Basic management of Mental health ailments
Services offered through eSubcentre
  • Capture the detailed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) of the patient using stare of the art solution for error-free data capture
  • MBBS Doctor Consultation through Telemedicine
  • Facilitation of Non-Invasive Haemoglobin meter, Glucometer, Multi Para monitoring Device
  • Pharmacy dispensing through Automatic Drug Vending Machine
  • Patient Referral to Secondary or Tertiary Hospitals
  • Electronic storage of feedback of Tele-consultation Provisioning of network connectivity at each Sub Centre
  • Provisioning of Ground Application and Operational Support services with a dedicated support team, who will attend any incident or issue related to,
    • Network
    • Software Application
    • Hardware support with regards to Computers / Tablets, Drug Vending Machine
eSubcentre Process Flow
Benefits of the proposed solution
  • Access to Comprehensive Health Coverage
  • Empowering individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviours
  • Provide end-to-end Primary Healthcare services including Teleconsultation with MBBS Doctor, Pharmacy dispensing
  • To capture Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of all patient attending Out-patient Services including effective followup
  • Require minimal Resources for operations
  • Effectiveness to reach wide population in the shortest period of time
  • Fully Transparent, eliminates misuse of resources with Digitally trackable solutions
  • Enabling services closer to the communities for increased response and being able to address the needs of most marginalized

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the Electronic Health Record, Tele Consultation, Integration with Drug Vending Machine, NCD Screening and Outreach camps

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the


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