Why Choose Dhanush Telemedicine Solutions?

Dhanush Telemedicine Solutions are built on the four pillars required to provide a great user experience throughout the life cycle of the solution's usage by the customer. In order to provide assured user experience which will give them the confidence to use the solutions, Dhanush designs and delivers Reliable solutions built on Robust and flexible Technologies with service support framework to resolve any issues in usage as and when they arise, assisted by qualified and experienced personnel in Healthcare Vertical. The features of the four important components - Products, Technology, Support and People is provided below for a better understanding of the advantages of each and every individual component, in delivering excellence in usage of the solutions.

Products, Technology, Support and People drive Dhanush


Dhanush Telemedicine products have been consciously designed and developed to make available products to address the needs of all the stakeholders in the healthcare delivery ecosystem.



Dhanush Telemedicine are built on stable Microsoft Technology and Android Stack for easy maintenance and administration at the customers' end. All the Telemedicine software solutions



Dhanush subscribes to the view that, in order to provide a great user experience which does not hamper the smooth business of the customers,they must be provided with the right support



Dhanush firmly believes in the synergy among the four key components - Products, Technology, Support and People, to provide a delightful customer experience of using the products