Public Healthcare

eUPHC (Electronic Urban Primary Health Center)

eUPHC is an Innovative concept of Delivering Primary Healthcare services leveraging the Technology and bringing Quality, Accountability, Transparency, Efficiency and Agility in provisioning Healthcare services while optimizing the cost

Urban Primary Health Centers, which were earlier being managed by the Government are being run in the PPP model. Government of Andhra Pradesh is the First in the Country by implementing this model in 222 UPHCs and converting them into eUPHCs with the Private partners like Dhanush InfoTech Pvt ltd.

eUPHC is one of the main Solution in the stack of Public Healthcare Suite , that Dhanush has developed over past 5 Years, while other solutions like ANMOL, RBSK, NCD cover the entire life Cycle of Human Being from Cradle to Grave

The end-to-end Medical services that are being Delivered at eUPHCs are:

  • Create and Record the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of all patients availing Out-patient Services.
  • Provide Medical Doctor consultation 365 days a year
  • Provision the specialist Doctor consulting in the specialties like, cardiology, Diabetology, Rheumatology & Orthopaedics leveraging the Technology
  • Provide exhaustive Laboratory and Diagnosis services and capture the lab results into EMR
  • e-Prescriptions for Pharmacy dispensing
  • Provide real-time reporting with Dashboard, Analytics generated with the data collected from EHR System
Current Customers

  • Dhanush InfoTech is presently delivering this Service at 29 Centers in 2 Districts for Government of Andhra Pradesh
  • Setting up eUPHCs and assisting the Government officials to run the same at 10 Centres in Lohardaga District for Government of Jharkhand
Revenue Model

  • Fixed-fee per month per centre model, where Service provider is expected to set up the Required system and manage the operations
  • One-time Payment for the setting up of eUPHC Centres, where the Operations are carried out by Government
Market Potential

  • With Government of India allocating 2% of the GDP for Healthcare sector and planning to spend 2/3rd of the Healthcare budget of 2.58 Lakh Crores in the Primary Healthcare field, thus establishing the clear market potential for eUPHC service offering
  • All the states in India are directed by Government of India (GOI) to adopt the eUPHC model, where GOI will be contributing 75% of the total cost.
  • In Phase 2, GOI will be rolling out the eUPHC model to Rural PHCs also, which brings substantial opportunities to the service providers
Key Differentiators

  • Own the IP of the comprehensive solution Suite in the Public Healthcare domain, with more than 5 years of Global Experience in the public Healthcare domain by working closely with MoH GOI, UNICEF etc.
  • Core component of Dhanush Solution is Guided and Approved by UNICEF

PHC Solution

Dhanush Proposes process improvisations and reengineering of the Essential medical services at “PHC with attached Sub Centres” to serve the Country with Efficient, Effective and Affordable Healthcare using Latest Technologies.

Patient Registration

Enhance the Medical Services quality by leveraging the latest IT Technology. Patient Registration is done by Unique ID (UID) (Aadhar), so that, Patient once can access his medical records at any other PHC. UID based data registration also brings security to the sensitive health records of the patients.

Recording of Patient Vitals

Essential Patient vitals are captured and recorded into the Dhanush Health Information Management System.

Patient Consultation with Medical Officer

Subsequent to Patient Registration and Recording of Vitals, the patient is scheduled to consult the doctor. Doctor is consultation is guided by the Dhanush Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) and also records the same, for future reference.

  • Doctor reviews Clinical Record updated by Nurse
  • Patient assessment in ROS and Physical Examination
  • Treatment Plan and e-Prescription

If the Patient is in need of Super Specialty consultation, then Doctor on Duty will facilitate such Consultation with referral to specialist at nearest secondary or tertiary hospital.

Longitudinal Medical Record

  • Entire details of examination, tests and treatment prescribed by the Medical Officer and Specialist are recorded in electronic format under EMR of Patient
  • A comprehensive print out of diagnosis, test results, Specialist advice signed by the Medical officer issued to the Patient

Sub Centre Solution

ASHA & Community Worker Level (ASHA/MPHW)

A Mobile application for Enumeration, NCD Screening along with ANMOL (Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife Online) features for Monitoring Mother and Child Healthcare.

Asha Workers register all beneficiaries in their catchment facility who are covered under programs such as RCH.

Beneficiaries are rendered services by ANMs depending on the Program. For RCH these are Eligible Couple Services, ANC and PNC Services, Child Birth and Immunization Services.

ANM Solutions

Dhanush proposed solution enables Asha Workers to collect health information of all age groups, during capturing of health parameters ANM’s shall screen and refer citizens to walk in to the nearest primary health center (PHC) where in all the health parameters captured can be accessible at PHC and Further vitals captured at PHC can be centrally located at a family folder system where in ANM’s continuous follow up/track health record of patient.