Digital Primary Care Product Services - Enabling Affordable and Quality Healthcare Worldwide

Access to Primary Healthcare has been a challenge in developing economies like Africa, South East Asia etc., because of below reasons,

  1. Shortage of Doctors or trained Health workers
  2. Exorbitant prices for Primary healthcare services like, Lab Investigation, Medication etc.
  3. Shortage of Solutions that can help the Trained Health workers to address the gap for the need of Doctors

The Digital Clinic Product Licenses Service Offering, Includes:

  • Access to the License of Digital Clinic Software
  • Support and Maintenance of the Digital Clinic Software
  • Integration of the Digital Solution with required Peripheral Medical and Non-Medical Devices
  • Hosting of the solution
  • Customization of the Solution including services like,
  • Provide real-time reporting with Dashboard, Analytics generated with the data collected from EHR System
    • Enhancements to incorporate new features, development of additional reports
    • Language based customizations
    • Process flow modifications to comply with local standards and legal compliances

  • SAGE Healthcare Administrators Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya: For their Business plan to set up 1000 Digital Clinics in next 12 Months. SAGE has set up 10 Digital Clinics in last 3 Months
  • KAMG (King Ankgor Medical Group), Siem Reap, Cambodia: to Set up 50 Digital Clinics in next 12 Months, across all provinces in Cambodia
  • Rhiza babuliye : a Community Development Services Organization in South Africa, which is setting up Digital Clinics with specializations of Mother & Child and Dental Health

The Revenue models for the Digital Clinic Product business line:

  • SaaS Model, where Dhanush Hosts the Solution and Customer pays fixed Fee per Month or per Patient Registration, which is inclusive of AMC
  • One-Time Fee for On Premises, perpetual License model.


  • For all License selling, AMC is purchased by Customer at 16% of the License Cost
  • In all above cases, any services related to Training, Implementation & rollout, enhancements are charged as per the effort invested
  • Dhanush Product Suite is SaaS / Cloud Complaint and 85% of Future Global Software services are expected to be Cloud based

  • Kenya, which is the current focus area for Dhanush for Digital Clinic has a Healthcare Market potential of 3 Billion USD

  • Own the IP of the comprehensive solution Suite in the Healthcare domain, with more than 5 years of Global Experience in the public Healthcare domain by working closely with MoH GOI, UNICEF etc.y
  • Core component of Dhanush Solution is Guided and Approved by UNICEF
  • Been Pioneer in implementing and managing the World’s largest implementation of Primary Healthcare solution enabled by Telemedicine
  • Built the know-how and skill to deliver the Digital Clinic Services by the virtue of delivering these services in the Public and Private sector field
  • Been operating in Africa, in more than 23 countries delivering niche IT System Integration Services and IT Product License selling in Healthcare and Non-Healthcare sectors for close to decade