Digital Clinics

In a developing country such as India, there is huge inequality in health-care distribution. Although nearly 75% of Indians live in rural villages, more than 70% of Indian doctors are based in cities. Most of the rural Indians lack access to basic health care facilities and the Primary Health Centres that are present are providing basic level of primary care with the lack of diagnostic services and pharmacy at the same facility or location, as well as the lack of any digitalization. This leads to an additional burden on the stretched secondary and tertiary care for primary care service.

In order to overcome above challenges faced by the rural citizens, Dhanush introduces a highly innovative concept using latest technologies for providing quality and affordable healthcare for the remotely people through "Dhanush Digital Clinics"

With the inception of Dhanush Digital Clinics, the health status of the Urban / semi Urban population will improve, particularly 65% of Middle-class Section who cannot use the Public Health Infrastructure, due to the inherent quality problems and who cannot afford the expensive Corporate Healthcare.

By facilitating equitable access to quality health care through an integrated and holistic approach. For each illness episode, patients save approximately 75% of the Total Healthcare expenses which would otherwise have been spent.

How Digital Clinics Can Transform Primary Healthcare System in INDIA

Dhanush Digital Clinic can Primary Healthcare Centers combines state-of-the-art electronics that uses advance telecommunication technology, information technology and Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Digital Clinics uses Telemedicine system as an interface between two geographical locations and enable patients, allied health workers and Doctors to come together on a common platform and collaborate in real time

The Telemedicine application provided in Digital clinics was designed to gather medical information efficiently, transmit it to the secure database, merge multiple EMR into the database, and make the merged sets available in a central location from which a specialist could perform a follow-up examination at his/her convenience

The services provided at Dhanush Digital Clinics are:

  • Creation of unique patient EMR
  • Medical consultation
  • Lab/Diagnostic tests
  • Pharmacy dispensation
  • Tele-consultation with Super Specialist Doctor and
  • Patient referral to the higher Hospital

Process flow at Dhanush Digital Clinics

  • Patient Registration: Registration is done by using unique ID or using biometric device where in patient demographic, contact details are captured
  • Recording of patient vitals: Health worker captures patient’s key vitals such as Temperature, BP, Height, Weight, Age, Allergies and other parameters / information is directly entered into the patients EMR
  • Medical Consultation Services: Medical Consultation by Qualified Medical Doctor within Digital clinic and if patient is in need of Super Specialty consultation then Medical officer facilitates consultation through Telemedicine or Patient Referral to Higher Hospital
  • Medical Diagnosis/Lab Investigation services: Medical Doctor can also refer the patient to undergo various diagnostic tests for further investigation
  • Pharma Dispensation: Dispense the Medication Prescribed by Medical Officer or Specialty doctor with the help of electronic inventory management system.

How Digital Clinics benefits individuals

  • Digital Clinics enables the opportunity to receive specialized services from across the region.
  • Decrease costs associated with managing chronic care conditions
  • Reduces Out of Pocket expenditure