Dhanush Telemedicine Solution & Applications

Remote Telemed Clinic

Video Consultation

Nurse and Doctor Consoles

Flexible Video Consultation

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Telemed Central Server

Video Consultation Server

Health Data Server

Medical Records Repository

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Remote Consultation

Remote Doctor Consultation

Access Medical Records

Video Consultation

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Telemedicine Applications

Maternal and Fetal Telemedicine

Dhanush Telemedicine Technology allows pregnant mothers to transfer their pregnancy non-stress tests

Preventive Care & Wellness

Dhanush Telemedicine framework for Wellness and Preventive care envisages to provide healthcare

Home Healthcare Application

Dhanush Telemedicine application for Home Health Care addresses the intense combination of challenges

Hub-n-Spoke Model

Hub-n-Spoke Telemedicine Solution from Dhanush addresses a major business challenge faced by Hospitals.

Life Style Diseases

Dhanush Telemedicine for Lifestyle diseases ensures continuity of care in patients afflicted with lifestyle


The Remote Telecardiology Clinic is equipped with the Telemedicine Clinic software connected with Telemed