Case Study
Electronic Urban Primary Healthcare Centres – Government of Andhra Pradesh

In a first of its kind initiative, Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to upgrade the Urban Primary Health Centres (UPHC) into Electronic Urban Primary Health Centre's (eUPHC's), enabling access to specialist doctors through telemedicine and diagnostics in the local neighbourhoods itself.

Dhanush Solution Description:

Dhanush has established 60 Digital Clinics in 4 districts i.e., Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, Vizianagaram, & Srikakulam (Zone1) with all the modern Telemedicine equipment and facility to capture the EMR (Electronic Medical Record) of Patient and provide the live transactions through a CM Dashboard

ePHC is a single window for Primary Health care where Doctor Consultation, Diagnosis, Specialist Doctor Consultation and Pharmacy are available.

Services at eUPHC, which includes:

  • Consultation with Qualified MBBS Doctor at eUPHC
  • Specialist Consultation through Telemedicine
  • 30+ Laboratory Tests being conducted at eUPHC and Lab reports provided to patients
  • Patient Referral to Secondary or Tertiary Hospitals
  • Pharmacy Dispensing and inventory management
  • lab equipment supplied by Dhanush for each UPHC's are Bio Chemistry Analyzer, 3 Part Cell Counter, Digital Thermometer, BP Machine, Colorimeter, Microscope, Stethoscope, Weighing Machine, Incubator, ECG Providing IEC (Information, Education and Communication) to Public on Health aspects
  • Organizing Outreach Programs
  • Live transactions through Dashboard

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the Electronic Health Record, Tele Consultation, Integration with Drug Vending Machine, NCD Screening and Outreach camps

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the


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